It’s on again

No, not the famous BBC Bake off but a new club hosted by Kate Davies, the West Highland Way Club.

I must confess, I had a moment, I thought, no, I’m not gonna share today, but I don’t want to look too greedy so I share with you all upfront. Tomorrow, the 17th November is the start and if I made you curious, go visit her website.

Start drooling and sit, as I will, behind your computer in sheer joy to participate in this new club.

I already checked my schedule, I checked my account, check, check, double check, and hope that in my time zone there will be enough subscriptions including the Milarrochy Tweed Yarn.

I’m looking forward to my membership as I expect that it will be as awesome as last year’s club Islay was.

So dear readers, join the club tomorrow, but leave me a subscription please?